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Travel Essentials for a Weekend Road Trip

We all deserve a break from our busy work schedules. A weekend road trip is both adventurous as well as relaxing at the same time. You get to take a break and relax for a while, then start your new week fresh and happy. There are a lot of destinations around Kolkata where you can plan a fun weekend trip, one of the best ones among them is Mandarmani.

We have made a list of travel essential checklists so that you don’t have to worry about what you need to pack.

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Towles, Blankets, Tissue

A road trip is usually taken by car or bus. To maintain hygiene and keep yourself clean you should always carry tissues and towels. They seem like items that you can usually find, but how many stops are you going to make to reach a destination? Hence, it is better to have them with you all the time. On the other hand, blankets are your best friends that will keep you cozy while you enjoy all the scenic views or just want to take a nap on the go.


On a road trip, there is not much to do. It can get boring at times, and you might feel snacky. It is best to carry some of your favorite snacks on the go. This way you also save time and money from spending at roadside shops or restaurants. A hungry stomach will order a lot, so if you got snacks even if you stop you will order food in the right amount.

Water & Drinks

Just like snacks you need something to drink. Of course, you can enjoy fizzy soft drinks and juices but make sure to keep water bottles. They are healthier, plus come in handy in case of emergency. Having water even allows you to not stop and buy a lot of packaged drinking water or have water from places you don’t know.

Book or Kindle

How long has it been since you enjoyed a book in complete peace? Well, road trips are the best time to catch up on your reading. It consumes your time, and the road trip won’t feel too long or boring either. Plus, you will finally get the chance to complete your favorite book after days of making plans to finish it.

Spare Cash

Even though India is becoming digital it is important to carry some extra cash in hand. Imagine, you are passing by a coconut water stand. You might feel like refreshing yourself with tasty coconut water. You will need cash there, these small hawkers don’t usually have online payment options. Cash in hand will always save the day, even if there is no network.

Phone Chargers & Power Bank

You don’t want to have a 0% percent charge on your phone when you are traveling. What if you can’t access the GPS anymore? What if the amazing playlist you made stops? Power banks and chargers will help you not face such a situation. Charge everything and carry it along with you.

These were some crucial things that you need to add to your road trip checklist. There are amazing places all around Mandarmani if you are looking for a quick and eventful trip. If you want your trip to be quite eventful, then book a room at Sea Star Spa Resort there you can enjoy a luxury stay, good food, and fun events organized every week to bring the entertainment you deserve.